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What’s The Buzz?

“One of the greatest pieces of live theater I’ve ever seen” – Austin American Statesman

“This is not your grandmother’s ‘Superstar.’ Drew McOnie’s choreography has the explosive feel of barely contained ecstasy, filled with flailing movements that evoke old time tent revivals where snake handlers spoke in tongues and miraculously cured the sick. Tom Scutt’s smoke-colored costumes give the piece a timeless feel, as does his towering, sleek, steel-and-scaffolding set. Stark and shadowy, lighting designer Lee Curan’s work is so rhythmic it almost feels like a part of the orchestra.” – Chicago Sun Times

“This ‘Superstar’ has a lush, glorious sound the likes of which you’ve never heard before.” – Chicago Sun Times

“A gorgeous, thrilling, heavenly musical. It might not qualify as a miracle, but with help from choreographer Drew McOnie, designer Tom Scutt and a first-rate cast, director Timothy Sheader is turning water into top quality wine with his revival of the Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice rock musical, originally released as a concept album.” – The Guardian

“Timothy Sheader’s adrenaline-pumping production of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s “Jesus Christ Superstar” is ardently, honestly sincere. I haven’t had so much fun listening to Mr. Lloyd Webber’s score, his finest, and Mr. Rice’s lyrics, his cheekiest, since I bought the concept album as a teenager.” – New York Times

“Until now, I have never come across an approach to this piece that taps into its latent power… As reinvigorated by the director Timothy Sheader, ‘Superstar’ delivers a genuinely primal jolt.” – New York Times

“Sprinkling of genius sends stylish ‘Superstar’ soaring. Timothy Sheader offers some of the most stylish direction I’ve seen all year, sculpting each segment into something distinct and vivid and compelling.” – Evening Standard

“Hallelujah! An almighty revelation.”The Daily Telegraph